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Never-Over Success

The path of the Kingdom's National Transformation Program (NTP) appears successful in its content and goals, and impressive in its aspirations and achievements that have been taking place since the declaration of Vision 2030 nearly four years ago to this very moment.

The Kingdom viewed its vision as a "road map", rebuilding the Saudi economy on strong and sustainable pillars, and placing it at the forefront of the Middle East economies, and among the strongest economies of the first world. The vision has involved everyone in the required tasks, from the State's institutions to citizens, to the private sector, and here came the need for the NTP as one of the implementing programs of the vision.

The successes made by the NTP are tangible for all, and would not have been achieved on the ground if not for everyone's conviction of the feasibility of this program and its noble goals to reinforce the economic potential, achieve excellence in government performance, and improve the level of living services, by accelerating the pace and implementation of basic and digital infrastructure projects , involving beneficiaries in identifying challenges, creating solutions, contribution to implementation, and evaluating the NTP's performance.

It is difficult to count the NTP's full achievements, due to their multiplicity, diversity and inclusiveness, but they can be summarized in launching a myriad of initiatives, programs, centers and electronic platforms that advance the performance of the State's economic and investment institutions, and improve their services, with a specific interest in stimulating the private sector and pushing it to be actively involved In the State's economic system, as well as supporting the economic sectors in the Kingdom.

The difficulty of counting the NTP's achievements does not prevent at all from focusing on the most prominent of them, such as the Kingdom's ranking the first globally in business environment reforms, enhancing competitiveness in this environment locally and internationally, and improving the performance of projects in the private sector. 

These all resulted in turning the Kingdom to be among the top ten countries in the e-commerce sector, in addition to raising the level of protection in doing business, issuing the commercial franchise system, and issuing the executive system and regulation for the commercial mortgage system.

The NTP has made progress in increasing the participation of women in the labor market, and increasing their share in the workforce. The same progress has been repeated in the mechanism of revitalizing the investment sector in the Kingdom, strengthening investments in the tourism sector, and enhancing the State's position as a tourist destination, as well as the NTP's efforts in advancing the volunteer sector, and increasing the number of volunteers in the Kingdom to more than 192 thousand volunteers. 

The series of achievements of the NTP continues, marking the qualitative successes that will create an ideal national economic sector that is capable of attracting domestic and foreign investments in a production environment that encourages production.

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