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Okaz… Inherent Authenticity

Heritage of any country is of a high standard value that is inherent in the conscience of its people. This is not surprising as the concept of heritage in its sociological load has been associated with the common heritage inherited by children from their fathers and so on. 

This heritage that is rich in both material and symbolic parts, and wealthy effects; whether written or verbal, is an aesthetic and human extension of the history of this land which has witnessed cultural events milestones and multi forms that have been embedded in the conscience of the people of this land as a cultural legacy of great human value, which is becoming increasingly important throughout time. 

This value is so crucial to the identity of the nation and the people in general, a matter which means that it defines the personality and identity of the nation and serves as a vessel preserving its knowledge and values, and an important sign of its distinction.

Thus, Souk Okaz as a cultural, knowledge-based and civilizational value, serves as an existential need of constant importance over time. It has developed a great importance and effectiveness over time. 

It is remarkable that the experience of Souk Okaz has become one of the important cultural experiences that consolidate the value of the heritage and cultural heritage that grows on the trees of our beloved Kingdom along its wide and varied terrains which have formed over many eras and periods the identity and personality of its people and characterized them with rare features, hallmarks, values, patterns and concepts that are rooted in the personality of every Saudi citizen in terms of patience, loyalty, endurance of hardships and purity that these citizens gained from the desert of this land and its spaciousness and the intimate relationship that has linked them to their land and historical and human heritage.

Today, Souk Okaz Souk is one of the most important stations thronged by the masses of intellectuals, thinkers and elites in the various fields. 

It is a congregation parading the culture and its massive human effects with which lovers of culture, heritage and civilizational legacy are attached from the ocean to the Gulf. 

This renews the value of culture and the human and cognitive commonalities that unite peoples and makes them get knowledge and share material and moral gains and achievements made by humankind freed from the ideological prejudices that make them distinct from others. 

Hence, the value of Souk Okaz as a cultural, civilizational and existential value is worthy of being taken as a model and considered.

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