Dr. Talal Al Harbi
Saudization of football pitch

the idea may be very strange specially amid the development era which the Kingdom lives in today. Talking about Saudi football clubs and its professional footballers tracking the clubs today, we will find that they all play with lineups that are not free from foreign professional footballers, but what happens in fact is that the orientation towards the foreign footballer has become an obsession to the managements of these clubs. 

And let's go back a little bit when His Excellency Chancellor Turki Al Al-Sheikh chaired General Sports Authority, and that powerful push which he has carried out on the ground by radical changes in the structure of Saudi clubs, especially most of it, especially the bigger ones, which live in difficult financial circumstances.   

The achievements of General Sports and Saudi Arabian Football Federation Authority under the directives of His Excellency the Chancellor, Former Chairman of the Authority, and His Royal Highness Prince Abdul-Aziz are wonderful, that it made the gaps between the clubs closer and everyone has the possibility to compete and to raise the level of competition in Prince Mohammed bin Salman league. 

But what happened is a continuation of racism of the clubs in pursuit of the best, and this is a legitimate right but to be at the expense of Saudi footballer, then this is the dilemma which we don't want and we don't to try.

There are ancient countries in football entered the same dilemma, Italy, where there are large number of foreign players in it plus the decline of the proportion of Italian footballer which led to its low levels and the decline of its results even it can't access to last world cup in Russia.

Spain has set rules to determine numbers of non-Spanish footballer participating in the game or those who are present mainly in lineup. All these procedures, for example, are to ensure the participation of national professional player also. 

The states which export players, you'll find that its national team is remarkable, and the states who raise the proportion of its national players' participation, you'll find that their level is better. 

Our national youth team won AFC Asian Cup, if this elite of champions and masters of Aisha doesn't find a safe and stable place in the clubs, then how can it develop and progress.  

Today, we speak to His Royal Highness Prince Abdul-Aziz, General Sports Authority Chairman, who is fully prepared and qualified to assume this mission, and we wait more and more from him. 

And His Highness is not new to the reality of Saudi sport and what is accompanied by sports media. 

Saudization of football pitch is a projection from me to warn about the seriousness of the tyranny of racial desire over national sports goals, every club is seeking to join the best players, so the idea is not to determine the numbers of foreign players, but to determine the number of participants in each game, as it is not permitted to participate more than 4 foreign players in per match, which means that there are 7 Saudi players ensuring their participation plus substitutes. 

I hope from His Highness Prince and his management to consider this part and to treat it before entering crisis phase, because this Saudi talents in football are distinguished talents if they have a chance, but if we return to spend excessive amounts on the foreign players at the expense of reducing local players expenses, this is unacceptable matter and doesn't serve the Kingdom progress with vision 2030.           

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