Riyadh - SPA
Al-Jubeir, Visiting Bahraini Foreign Minister Discuss Means to Enhance Distinctive Bilateral Relations, Current Regional Developments

Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Member of the Cabinet Adel bin
Ahmed Al-Jubeir and visiting Bahraini Minister of Foreign Affairs held
bilateral talks here today, in the context of the Bahraini Foreign
Minister visit to the Kingdom.

During the meeting, they discussed distinctive fraternally
historical relations binding the two countries and ways to consolidate
them, in addition to review current regional developments and
significance of confronting dangerous Iranian policies, with its
aggressive interference in the internal affairs of the Arab countries as
well as backing up terrorism, in the regional and the world, alike.
They also underscored importance of combat terrorism and its backers,
who work to disseminate the discourse of hatred.

The meeting was attended by the ministry senior staff and the Bahraini accompanying delegation.

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