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No Polarization

It was not unusual for the Lebanese to overcome the politicized religious discourse, which tried to exploit the sectarian disparity to widen the gap among the Lebanese segments.

The protesters, who gathered the squares and roads in Lebanon, have proved that they have reached a stage of human and political maturity, a matter which makes them immune to sectarian or political polarization.

We have seen magnificent images of cohesion of the national fabric, which refuses to be an easy ride for ideological employment in favor of narrow parties or factional groups. 

The Lebanese people have become more cautious about polarization, except for what serves the interest of Lebanon as the real choice whose presence should be reinforced and implementation mechanisms should be activated.

The Lebanese believe that there is no other option for the new Lebanon. They also believe in the need to regain its historical role in the management of the Lebanese society away from the political tricks, especially in light of the rhetoric of Iran's proxy and ally in the region "Hassan Nasrallah" and his party. 

He brazenly and shamelessly boasts of his affiliation to the Iranian regime and repeated confession that his funding, projects, livelihood and all the affairs of his party and the roles he plays are backed by the Iranian treasury. His brazenness and shamelessness increases when he declares that he is deeply loyal to the Wilayat-Faqih.

There is no doubt that the promising Lebanon has certainly realized that proxy Nasrallah is nothing but a puppet and a cheap tool in the hands of the absurd Iranian regime that seeks only gains and expansionist projects based on a doctrinal project inherited by the rulers of Iran since the outbreak of their alleged revolution, which dreams of disseminating its revolution throughout the Arab region. .

The Lebanese people have gone beyond the narrow factional ideas, whether partisan, sectarian or political affiliation. They believe that the new Lebanon will be completely immersed in a purely national fabric, whose first and last objective is the stability and prosperity of Lebanon. .

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