Riyadh Daily
US has kept its word

America’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal is an important step. The deal concluded by the six powers with Iran in 2015 has now been relegated to history because the most influential participant has pulled out.
Us President Donald Trump’s strongly worded message, not only to Iran, but also to its supporters, and even to Washington’s European allies, emphasizes that the US will not tolerate Iran taking advantage of the deal. Iran’s goal remains to develop nuclear weapons endangering the region and the entire world.
Hasty reactions to President Trump’s announcement are expected, particularly from the Europeans, Russia, and other countries who were exploiting the deal for their own economic interests. Such an approach to the deal was only helping Iran expand its influence in the region.
But now, the US has nullified the deal. It has helped to bring a new phase in international peace and security. It has prevented Iran from exploiting the deal for economic returns to be used for its destructive activities, such as developing ballistic missiles, supporting terrorists, and destabilizing the region.
Washington has decided to reinstate all sanctions related to Iran’s nuclear program. Former US President Barrack Obama and the international powers had committed a grave mistake by trusting the mullah regime.
Despite Tehran’s belittling of the US decision, the deal has now been confided to the history books.  If Iran is indeed keen on being a responsible member of the international community, it must change its behavior and abandon attempts to develop weapons of mass destruction.

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