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Houthi Drone buries dialogue last chance

The glimmer of hope left by the Stockholm Agreement has been taken away because of targeting Al Anad Air Base the Lahij Governorate, Yemen by a drone belonging to the Houthi terrorist militias, coinciding with a military parade of the Yemeni National Army (YNA) forces, leaving six soldiers killed and YNA leaders wounded.
It is not surprising for the Houthis, who have a black balance of breaches of any declared truce, to double-cross the YNA forces with which they fought in seven wars under the rule of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Their history is rife with breaking agreements, bombing civilians, attacking cities and firing rockets into Yemen.
While the Arab Coalition for supporting legitimacy in Yemen provides all facilities for the UN observer team in Al-Hudaydah, the Houthi militias ban the departure of relief convoys from the port. They launch attacks on various areas and have detained 72 relief trucks of the UN World Food Programme (UNWFP).
The repeated violations prompted UN Envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffith, to visit Sanaa to meet the Houthis. Over two days, he did his best to persuade them to withdraw their militias from Al-Hudaydah and its ports and replace them with local security forces, but his efforts failed.

Talking about other negotiations is big ploy and waste of time
The WFP issued a statement referring to the Houthi militias' violations of the international humanitarian law and the non-commitment to what was agreed upon and the principles of the relief and humanitarian action.
For his part, Yemeni Political Analyst, Abdul-Karim Al-Medi said, "Al Anad Air Base's incident is a serious provocation and its message is the most dangerous ever. We are dealing with a full-fledged terrorist crime committed by the Houthi terrorists who, as we have always stressed, do not seek peace and do not believe in it. This is message for UN Envoy, Martin Griffith and everyone working to save the Houthi militias and paving the way for them to perpetrate their crimes against the Yemeni people."
Mahmoud Al-Taher, Leader at the General People's Congress (GPC) said that the Houthi attack on Al Anad Air Base has terminated the Stockholm Agreement, pointing out that targeting the Yemeni military leaders and the chief of staff who participated in the military parade is a message to the international community that peace in Yemen is insignificant to the Houthi militias.
Al-Taher confirmed that Al-Houthi is cheating the international community by speaking of his peace intentions while he is a great evangelist and follows the Iranian orders of giving his militias orders to continue fighting. This has already happened when he met the UN envoy and called him for speeding up the implementation of the outcomes of Sweden's talks though he and his militias break the truce.
In statements to "Riyadh", Al-Taher said that the situation is very severe, there are clear violations by the militias and there is an extreme Houthi intransigence towards the Stockholm Agreement, but the international community is still silent and has not taken any action, though this is the last chance for the Houthi militias to prove they are keen on establishing peace.
On the possibility of holding future talks in Kuwait, Al-Taher said that such time bombs are useless. The UN places time bombs in the face of Yemenis. Al-Houthi is a cancer that must be eradicated or treated properly. Talking about new consultations that Houthis do not abide by could be of major deception to the Yemeni government and people; because there can be no talk of an upcoming political framework without the commitment of the Houthi militias to Resolution No.2216, the Stockholm Agreement or the new Resolution No.2451. This is a waste of time to enable Iran to control over the region.

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