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DMARC360, region's first email security platform wins Bahrain Tech Award during GITEX Technology Week.

DMARC360, the region's first and only platform focused on DMARC compliance recently won the Bahrain Tech Award for being one of the most successful technology startups within the country at the Conrad Hotel - Dubai.

The Bahrain Tech Awards ceremony is held annually by the Bahrain Society for Technology Companies (BTECH) in partnership with Tamkeen (Labor Fund) parallel with GITEX Technology Week in Dubai. Each year, the Bahrain Pavilion exhibitors are given the opportunity to apply and nominate their products/services for the award to be recognized as a pioneer. The event aims to shed light on successful startups, SMEs and enterprises with unique technologies built-in Bahrain.

DMARC360 was awarded for its adaptive platform which enables organizations to enhance their security posture by eliminating spoofing/impersonations and furthermore protecting an organization's brand identity and their clients from fraud.

This year has brought on many bounties to DMARC360, where they were also one of the three AWS Startup Challenge winners at Unbound Bahrain back in February. They had also partnered up with the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) to spread awareness and promote the global adoption of DMARC starting with the Middle East. Continuing its growth, DMARC360 had also launched its multilingual platform in Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E. to comply with the country-based data regulations. This poses as a strategic move to raise the  DMARC adoption rate and fulfill its initiative to get the region 100% DMARC compliant.

“All organizations around the globe use emails on a daily basis but, rarely do they take the appropriate security measures.  Email is one of the greatest enablers yet, it is also one of the biggest security vulnerabilities in an organization. We aim to fill this gap by helping companies understand and implement DMARC to further strengthen their security posture.” - Abdullah Mirza, Director - Growth & Strategy.

About DMARC360:

DMARC360 is an email security intelligence platform headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The company’s primary focus is to enhance email deliverability by assisting in the implementation of DMARC on an organizations’ domains. DMARC360 services are also accessible locally or via the cloud and further provide global threat intel, incident response & automated recommendations via an intelligence platform. As an official partner with the Global Cyber Alliance, DMARC360 aims to continuously promote and spread awareness on the importance of DMARC and its implementation. DMARC360 is powered by EDX Labs ; Subsidiaries include CTM360, PENTEST360, & MG360. For more information please visit: www.dmarc360.com or contact 00973 77 360 360.

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