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"MASAM" .. When earth breathes humanity and life

We cannot understand what that mini box wants and justifies, and that is stuffed with materials calling for death and getting rid of all that is humane and even animalistic. 

That box was the main hero in the miserable war stories that we are forced to read in every war since the World War I and II to this very moment. This story of "mine" begins in every battle, but in each war with its same individuals and same scenarios, except for the number of civilians who are killed and injured and the number of limbs that were amputated, different in quantity and quality between one war and another. 

Mines and civilians and even lands were the heroes. That killer "mine" sees a child, a woman and a man in its dream. 

It often saw them in its arms, pampering them in a sadistic manner that does not maintain a soul or a life. 

It wakes up to make true whatever it dreamed of with all diligence and ability on earth, watching some of them and drawing near to others in the green spaces or the arid desert, to wet its hands and saliva with blood running in their bodies and limbs.. 

The "mine" lavished with cruelty and murder. This goes by like the same in the southern part of the Arab Peninsula, Yemen, as it used to be called before that lethal box swept into it, and weapons run by militias that see solution only in killing, torturing and mine.

The Houthi militias and their lethal boxes were a sufficient reason to create all the suffering of civilians in Yemen, including children, women and even forgotten people; that mines left the memory of what happened on their bodies by amputating hands or feet or even hope! 

The Houthi militias laid at least 50,000 mines on the Saudi-Yemeni border and tens of thousands of them in towns, neighborhoods and even populated villages. They even laid naval mines in down the red Sea water near the Saudi border, in full atrocity.

The atrocity of the whole scene of the Houthi militia has been reinforced by the recruitment of innocent children to lay mines, a matter which puts their lives at grave risk and death and violates their childhood, innocence and even their right to safe life, amputating the limbs of thousands of the miserable in Ma'rib and Taiz. 

At that time, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia could do nothing but seeing hope for life. 

It believed in the right to life for civilians in areas of war and conflict. It has stretched the merciful hand to whatever is humanitarian. 

Recently, it has launched MASAM Project for clearing landmines laid by the Houthi militias to kill the Yemenis. MASAM has been the Kingdom's declared gift for humanity throughout the globe. 

MASAM is that earth breathing to create a new life, after clearing the landmines, for the return of life to humans and land. 

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at that time had nothing to do but to create hope for civilians by clearing landmines from the lands of its neighbors who were exhausted and killed by the mines of militias whose crimes still go on.

Through MASAM, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has dedicated humanity around the world a life for a land that is no longer able to live, for a world free of the inevitable death and permanent handicap caused by mines, through its relentless efforts to destroy all mines laid in infested vast areas.

As mines continue to hamper social, economic and humanitarian development in the world, the Kingdom, through MASAM, ensures the safety of peoples from mines and war remnants, in an attempt to alleviate the great sorrow of a civilian and a child whose limbs are amputated anywhere in the world.

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