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Eradicating the corrupt

Since taking office, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz, has been prioritizing fight against corruption and reckoning the corrupt through many measures and regulations that ensure the preservation of the country's capabilities and achievements.

When King Salman announced his determination to confront corruption with fairly and firmly to help the State enjoy renaissance and development which are desired by all citizens. Everyone realizes that under the reign of the Resolute King and Crown Prince, all the corrupt will be questioned, regardless of their social status or career status, a matter which everyone has witnessed on the ground after the start of the unprecedented anti-corruption campaign.

Yesterday, the Attorney General announced that after monitoring suspicious financial transactions by an executive at the Ministry of Defense with a trading company and exploitation of his job position, he was arrested when receiving a bribe of SR one million to facilitate irregular procedures for the payment of financial dues to that company, a matter which proves again that no one is safe from prosecution. It confirms the foregoing and what was said by the Crown Prince on more than one occasion that no one, involved in corruption cases, will survive, was not merely a slogan for media consumption, but a national strategy that the leadership follows up its most accurate details to ensure its objectives and justice in the implementation of its entire phases.

It is noteworthy that the anti-corruption campaign has taken a downward path from the highest levels to the lower and then the lowest ranks. In this case in particular, the efficiency of the security and control bodies is evident in the pursuit of whoever abuses his position to encroach the public money.

The issue that took place in the Ministry of Defense, which is a sovereign authority and its sensitivity not only in the Kingdom, but in all countries of the world, was uncovered without any reservation, emphasizing that transparency is the theme of the stage and that everyone is equal and no immunity to anyone in the fight against corruption and no mercy to the corrupt.

The citizens, through their daily coexistence of the strict governmental procedures, recognize that this campaign will succeed in eradicating those who make use of their jobs to serve their personal interests and achieve illegal gains, regardless of their position or status. This  creates a healthy environment in which all elements of justice are achieved and opportunities are equal for individuals and the private sector institutions for work, a matter which turns the Kingdom into an attractive environment for internal and external investments in which the State sponsors the rules of honest competition away from the corrupt.

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