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Muslim Brotherhood mercenaries

It is undeniable that the Gulf Cooperation Council is the most successful Arab gathering. It has come into being as a viable Arab organization with splendid achievements at all developmental levels, particularly the development of Gulf human resources, the real wealth and the basis and objective of development. 

The crisis with Qatar has reflected poorly on the Council and hindered its progress. Qatar, which was an active member of the GCC, became involved in a lot of cloak-and-dagger activity against the GCC. Instead of being an active member endeavoring for the development, prosperity and welfare of the region, Qatar adopted a risky approach which would ultimately backfire against it. The question posing itself is: Why does Qatar adopt such harmful approaches? 

The answer is that Qatar searches for a role beyond its boundaries, thinking that it will be a winner. As a result, Muslim Brotherhood mercenaries have used Qatar to attain their goals. They made it believe that it would be the leader of Arabs or even Muslims. Accordingly, Qatar behaved in a way that does not suit its actual capabilities and real size, thereby slipping into crises. This proves political shortsightedness.

The MB mercenaries control the Qatari decision-making process out of greediness for Qatar's wealth, not for the sake of the Qatari people's welfare. They found that the Qatari wealth would achieve their objectives. Meanwhile, Qatar would be the great loser. In addition to its wealth, Qatar will lose its status as a member of GCC unless it resorts to reason and realizes that its conspiracies go contrary to its own interests.

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