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Flash-Forward Vision

Relations between countries are based on mutual respect and common interests. This is a well-known fact. 

When the Kingdom emphasizes its strategic relations with the world's countries, it opens new horizons of fruitful cooperation, which brings immense benefits to its parties at all levels. 

These relationships are not based on one particular area, but a myriad of comprehensive areas including all joint political, economic, cultural and even benefits. 

Strategic partnership with a country such as China will bring significant benefits to the Kingdom, thanks to China's political and economic weight and pivotal role in the global affairs as an active member in the international community through its permanent membership of the International Security Council.

The Kingdom and China are members of the G20 which includes the world's twenty largest economies. 

The economic aspect had to be present during the visit of His Highness the Crown Prince and his meeting with the Chinese president. Saudi-Chinese relations are based on a great economic exchange, as the Kingdom is China's biggest partner in West Asia and North Africa for the 13th year in a row. 

Also, the Kingdom is the largest supplier of crude oil to China which is the largest importer of Saudi oil. China is the biggest destination for foreign direct investment for Saudis. 

There are also many areas of cooperation between the two countries which always affirm their keenness to promote their relations to wider fields, especially in view of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 and the China's Road Belt Initiative which both serve as a joint vision of the two countries' future relationship.

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