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KSrelief Center completes technical equipment of Shabwa General Hospital and delivers new batch of medicines, supplies and medical solutions

King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) relinquished
the technical equipment of the Oncology Unit at Shabwa General Hospital
and handed over a new batch of medicines, supplies and medical

The Director of the Department of Health and Environmental
Assistance at the KSrelief Dr. Abdullah Al-Moallem, said that the
supply, installation, operation and training of the health staff on the
medical equipment provided by the Center for Oncology Unit at Shabwa
Hospital have been completed according to the humanitarian needs in
coordination with the Ministry of Public Health and Population to
provide diagnostic services and the treatment of Yemenis in all
governorates to reduce the burden of travel abroad for treatment and to
provide health services to them, stressing the Center's keenness to
provide services in all humanitarian and relief sectors to preserve the
dignity of the Yemeni human.

Dr. Abdullah said that a new batch of medicines, supplies and
medical solutions has been delivered to complement the system of
services that the Center is keen to provide to Yemeni patients.

The Director-General of the Office of Public Health and Population
in Shabwa Governorate Nasser Hussein Al-Bassi thanked and appreciated
the Kingdom represented by King Salman Center for Relief and appreciated
the humanitarian efforts to support the health sector in the province
and the whole of Yemen.

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