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Responsible Decision

The decision to suspend the performance of Umrah and visiting the Prophet’s Mosque by citizens and residents until further notice is a responsible precautionary decision at a time when the world is seeing strict measures to prevent the spread of disease that hit many countries in the world, and did not stop at the borders of China from which it started. The decision came to prevent the disease into the two holy cities as a precaution due to the human density in them.

By adopting this decision, the Kingdom aims to prevent the spread of renewable coronavirus over its entire territory, especially in the Two Holy Mosques, in which large numbers of people from different countries of the world gather. It also aims to protect performers of Umrah and visitors against the disease that is transmitted more by people mixing as the common flu is transmitted. This entails a risk that that must be undermined in human populations, and all countries of the world have taken measures to protect their citizens and visitors. 

The United Arab Emirates suspended the study for a month, and Italy shut down schools and universities, all of which have received support because they were taken to prevent the spread of the disease so as not to become an epidemic - God forbid. All countries of the world have taken similar measures through which they imposed quarantine on citizens of countries with high infections and have even prevented them from entering their lands for work or tourism.

Preventing the spread of coronavirus is a collective social responsibility. The State makes decisions and citizens and residents must abide by them because these decisions seek their protection, safety and preservation of health. Social responsibility is important in preventing the transmission of the disease, because prevention is better than cure.

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