Seoul - SPA
SDAIA Reviews Efforts in Smart Cities at 2022 Seoul Big Data Forum

Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) is participating in the 2022 Big Data Forum, which concludes today in Seoul, the Republic of Korea, in the presence and participation of several officials and specialists in modern technologies and data from various countries.
Assistant Director of the National Information Centre for Anticipation in SDAIA Dr. Satam Al-Sobaie, in a speech during a session entitled "Cases of Big Data Use for the Non-Exclusion of Vulnerable Groups", explained that SDAIA has worked to build a national smart city platform that includes live operational indicators to monitor Riyadh in a number of critical sectors to support operators in monitoring the level of services to improve the quality of life, noting that the platform contains strategic indicators, advanced analyses and simulation models that support the preparation of future plans.
He pointed out that SDAIA has developed algorithms and models to automatically and continuously detect visual deformations, with the aim of increasing the level of municipal and residential services, achieving urban sustainability in all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, especially in Riyadh, as well as monitoring the levels of green areas in Riyadh, and other cases of use in various sectors such as transport and traffic.
He also noted that the national platform serves as a basis for all smart city initiatives to adopt smart and effective solutions to proactively deal with a number of objectives, such as: improving the urban landscape, plans for expanding services, reducing traffic congestion and reducing dangerous traffic accidents.

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