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Qatar’s support for Iran’s Revolutionary Guard is drawing it away from the US

The United States has reprimanded Qatar after a communication between Doha and the Hezbollah militias and Iran's Revolutionary Guard came to light, according to the Telegraph newspaper. It reported that a senior Qatari official had paid £50 million to Iranian Revolutionary Guard Commander Qasim Soleimani, in addition to £25 million to another terrorist organization in Iraq.
The relations between Qatar and the US is on the downslide ever since Doha began extending wholehearted support to Iran. This even threatens the future of the US airbases on Qatari territory.
According to Egyptian experts, it has been proved that Qatar finances armed militias in Iran, Yemen, Morocco, Syria and Iraq besides other countries that threaten Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states. This may prompt the US to take decisive actions, including pulling out from the Al-Udeid and Al-Sailiya airbases in Qatar. The Qatari regime considers these bases as a security cover for it.
According to strategic expert Abdul Moneim Kato, these airbases are no longer important to the US. He added that the US presence in Qatar will not absolve it from terrorism charges. He pointed out that Washington's confrontation with Doha is mainly due to its support for terrorism, especially Iran-sponsored terror, which is seen by Washington as a threat to its interests.
Kato believes that the US President is keen on drying up the sources of terrorism, whether it is related to funding, sheltering or extending logistics support. This explains why the US has intensified its warning against the Qatari regime.
Qatar is no longer the only option to locate the US bases. There are alternatives. Political Science Professor Dr. Mohamed Nabil pointed out that other options include Bahrain or Djibouti. He confirmed that with the US showing no immediate signs of pulling out from Qatar, the regime is emboldened to continue its hostile policies in the region. Considering the fact that Qatar is totally dependent on the bases to provide it security, any strong word from the US to mend its ways will help change its policies.
Political researcher Ahmed Khatib said Qatari-US relations were in any case witnessing considerable tension. He made it clear that Qatar is the first supporter of political Islamic movements and terrorism. This is what is hampering it from playing any major role in the region and is the main reason for superpower interest in Qatar being on the wane.
American interests contradict with those of some regimes, including Iran, which is what has prompted the US to withdraw from the nuclear deal. But Qatar is still supporting the countries that are seen by the US as an obstacle to its interests in the region.
This is why there is every likelihood of Doha-Washington tensions intensifying, which may lead to a withdrawal from the airbases, and the international community raising its voice against Qatari terror.

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