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The Charity, Ikha'a, receives financial support from HRH Princess Hussa Bint Salman Bin Abdul-Aziz

The Charitable Establishment, Ikha'a, which looks after orphans, has received financial support from HRH Princess Hussa Bint Salman Bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud to improve the orphans' quality of life & enhance the Charity's programmes & activities.

This is one of her Royal Highness's numerous humanitarian initiatives in support of all charitable work in the Kingdom.

On his part, the General Director of Ikha'a Establishment, Mr. Saleh Bin Khaleef Aldahmashi expressed his gratitude & appreciation of HRH Princess Hussa Bint Salman Bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud's continued support of orphans.

Aldahmashi added that this is part and parcel of HRH's continual support of and empathic interaction with the social programmes carried out by all charitable societies and establishments in the Kingdom for the benefit of the Saudi society. He also said that HRH's keen sense of the importance of supporting social responsibility programmes has had an immense positive impact on the growth & development of the work of this non-profit, charitable sector in the Kingdom.

Mr. Aldahmashi added that HRH's donation will offer orphans not only a decent life but also the ability & means they need. It is also in line with the Kingdom's national vision which emphasises the need to look at orphans holistically: protect, study their needs and make sure they have expansive developmental opportunities.

Mr. Aldahmashi prays Allah, Most Gracious snd Most Merciful, will add this to HRH's list of good deeds and to recompense her many times over for all her great humanitarian deeds for orphans and all sectors of society.

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