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Peace… Strategic Choice

There is no doubt that peace in the Middle East is a permanent requirement because of its importance for all the countries of the region. It is an irrevocable strategic choice, especially when it is based on solid rules that do not digest or diminish rights. It is not reasonable after all these decades that peace is incomplete or amputated or even mutilated. 

The Palestinian people cannot accept any peace without obtaining their legitimate rights ensued by international resolutions; to have an independent state on the borders of June 4, 1967, and with Jerusalem as its capital, and then it will be true peace as stipulated in the Arab Peace Initiative that was the most realistic of all peace initiatives launched but were not realistic enough to be implemented on the ground.

The US peace initiative launched by President Donald Trump has not been widely accepted, as it does not fulfill the legitimate demands of the Palestinian people. It also legalizes the internationally-unrecognized settlements, tears apart the Palestinian state which, according to the initiative, is unlivable, and does not achieve the least legitimate demands for peace to be permanent, comprehensive and just. 

Yet, the US initiative has the merit of being a peace initiative, and this is what we need, but not in this manner that does not preserve the rights of the Palestinians, and fulfill any of their demands that they have been calling for more than seven decades.

Real peace requires sacrifices by the Palestinian and Israeli sides. One side cannot make concessions but the other side does not. 

Here it will be a one-sided peace that does not achieve the natural equation leading to continuity, but it could have counterproductive results that complicate the situation more than it is.

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