Sander Groot

By Sander Groot, Head of Channels, EMEA
Help Your Customers Save Time and Money with Game-Changing AI

The realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) continues to expand, and its capabilities are progressively added to both new and existing technologies in a bid to simplify IT operations and offer a modern, intelligent way of leveraging technology. 

There are mixed perceptions of AI however and a misunderstanding in some cases of how AI can truly complement existing network and IT management within a business. At times, AI is dismissed as a buzzword that organisations are quick to jump on to look as though they are on the front-foot when it comes to adopting new technology. The field of AI and ML can seem foggy without the right information, but it is unquestionably a technology solution that resellers should not ignore when it comes to choosing technologies for investment as there are real, tangible benefits to adoption of the right AI solutions by customers. 

AI can transform network management and present vast benefits through simplifying the network with intelligent automation and actionable data insights. IT teams want to move away from putting the majority of their focus on resolving issues, but as some networks seemingly get more complex within enterprises, and with the distribution of data and users more dispersed than ever, it would be near impossible to stop reactively managing the network without the implementation of AI technology.

Using data, insight and the right AI-driven tech, partners can help IT teams on their journey to transforming their network from a retro management system to an intelligent AIOps structure to help save time, energy and money in the process. Let’s take a deeper dive into how AI can help in these areas….

AI Can Offer an Extra, often Needed Pair of Hands

Networking and IT solutions must not deflect IT departments from productivity, instead helping to maintain simplified operations of a secure high-performance network so that IT teams can focus their attention on innovation and upskilling. It’s no secret that the UK as a whole is facing a productivity lag, compared to other G7 countries, the ONS published earlier this year that between 2009 and 2019 the UK had the second slowest output per hour.

In addition to this, the IT sector lacks necessary skills to keep up with the demand of increasing job vacancies which are the result of emerging technologies and their implementation in an organisations infrastructure: Technologies such as AI, IoT, Blockchain, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. New tech requires additional skillsets and new roles to effectively manage and operate, which ultimately puts a strain on IT functions.

Given this context, this presents another reason why IT professionals do not want their entire focus to be on reacting to network issues because, in some cases, they simply do not have the capacity. The solution? The network should be able to drive itself. 

AI-driven network solutions powered by automation and machine learning offers the perfect answer to this problem and resellers must harness this unique opportunity to guide their customers to new solutions that exceed the expectations of traditional network management.

Adding AI-powered technologies to the network management and troubleshooting process can provide unmatched benefits for IT departments. AI can help identify problems, speed troubleshooting, assist in repairs and decrease employee and customer downtime. In some cases, the AI can mitigate potential risks and issues without the IT department or end-user even noticing the original problem. 

Traditionally, resolving issues is where IT departments find most of their time taken and frustration added. With AI, IT teams are able to take back some of their precious time to allocate their efforts elsewhere and even focus on innovation and upskilling within their department. 

The Perfect Solution for Penny-Pinching

We’re all aware that the economic climate is especially challenging for businesses to navigate right now, with a backdrop of inflation and the rising costs of business. IT teams are therefore looking for networking and IT management solutions that are energy efficient and cost-saving, as well as revenue-generating.

IT decision makers must also now consider the implications on the company’s wider sustainability goals when deploying new technology and determine whether new infrastructure will make the organisation’s carbon footprint better, or worse. 

The power of AI means organisations can save costs by enabling AI to use the data and insight from the network to power the network up and down depending on traffic data. In times where there is low traffic, ML protocols can initiate a power-down of the network, enough to cut back on unnecessary energy waste and costs but supplying enough so that it does not affect the performance of the network nor overall productivity and user experience. 

Although the networking industry is currently finding its footing in innovating more sustainable methods to power the network, implementing AI is a sure-fire way of making the network intelligent enough to ensure there is no unnecessary waste of energy and money. 

AI is the Intelligent Option

AIOps is changing the game right now for IT departments and AI-driven technologies will drive the most impact in ensuring IT teams save their time, money and energy. Partners need to ensure they are investing in the best AI-driven technologies and that they have a deep understanding of the tech – and its potential - to enable customers to transform their IT operations and progress them on their journey to better digitalisation. 

The good news is that a good partner programme should offer in-depth training so that resellers can really understand the inner workings of AI technologies as well as who can truly benefit the most, arming partners with the skills and know-how to guide organisations through their digital transformation journey.

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