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Powerful Alliance

Saudi-Pakistan relations go back to long decades of religious and strategic integration and harmony. As the Kingdom is an Islamic leader, Pakistan is an important hub in South Asia, and both countries have an influential weight in the international community.

Both two countries have played an important role in overcoming situations and crises they have experienced. They also have a significant role in protecting the Islamic world and its gains, and they are also active members in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

After the developments witnessed by the region and the emergence of Iran as a party with negative orientations and goals and its attempts to mix the papers in more than one country, and cause damage to global security by exploiting its joint border with Afghanistan for receiving and sheltering leaders and elements of terrorist organizations, the role of the Kingdom and Pakistan have become larger and requires fending off the terrorist threat represented by that rogue state.

Announcing the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC) in 2015 by the Kingdom and welcoming it by Pakistan was a strategic turn to support stability and security and strongly fights against terrorism. Recently, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan praised the IMCTC's efforts against terrorism and extremism.

Khan stressed his country's determination to support regional and international initiatives aimed at achieving peace.

Who looks at the roles played by the Kingdom and Pakistan as two countries combined by a strong coalition recognizes that Riyadh's economic and other support for Islamabad reflects the integration and consensus of the Kingdom's keenness on a strong Pakistan and the latter's emphasis on the Saudi leading and pioneering role in the Islamic world and in supporting security and stability in the region as well as combating terrorism and extremism.

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