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Escaping forward

Iran attempts to create a new reality in the region in its endeavors to bail out of the current deadlock being trapped into by US withdrawal from the nuclear deal. It attempts to blackmail countries unsupportive of the US withdrawal decision and win more time in search of situations ensuring continuity of its destructive role in the region.  

In Syria where Iran had been painfully stricken, it kept moving forward and fired missiles, for the first time, towards occupied Golan. Such step mixed the papers and diverted attention, particularly as Israel was targeted. Countries, including superpowers, called for self-discipline, acknowledging Israel’s right to defend itself. This keeps the door open for all probabilities in the near future.

This blurry situation only serves the Iranian and Israeli interests although it warns of a full-fledged regional war. At least, it achieves the minimum of their regional projects, even though they are different in either case. While Iran wins time to convince Russia and Europeans to maintain the remaining nuclear deal, Israel has its own long-term plans. Israel has meddled into Syria’s affairs at the time it deems appropriate for intervention. In this respect, Israeli Premiere announced that Iran had crossed the redline and Israel’s response was appropriate. This warns of uncalculated developments in Syria where Iran attempts to prolong the duration of crisis to serve its own expansionist schemes, thereby destabilizing the regional security. This situation cannot be tolerated any longer.  

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