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The Kingdom.. Charity Work Pioneer

The Kingdom attains a high rank among the largest world countries providing humanitarian, development and charitable aid. According to previous data by the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre, the Kingdom is the seventh largest country supporting humanitarian and relief work in the world. It provides humanitarian, development and charitable aid to the needy countries around the world, recognizing its important role in alleviating human suffering and ensuring a decent life for the needy.

The Kingdom's foreign aid reached USD 84.7 billion between 1996 and 2018, which constitutes 1.90% of the official development aid of the GDP. It is higher than the United Nations Development Assistance Plan (UNDP) estimated at 0.70%.

It is therefore not surprising that the Kingdom announces the exemption of the poor countries from debts totaling SR 6 billion. It is the pioneer of charitable and development work that serves the human societies, achieves their reconstruction and development and helps them meet their developmental challenges. On many occasions and in global summits, the Kingdom has called the donor states to fulfill their commitments to aid and development programs for poor and affected countries, and to remove any obstacles in the face of the economy and exports of those affected countries.

The Kingdom is one of the first countries that respond to the demand of crisis-affected governments without discrimination. Over the past years, it has developed many effective and practical mechanisms to ensure rapid response to humanitarian and relief crises, being proactive in assisting countries affected by disasters, exempting countries from debt and helping them.

The Kingdom also sides with countries experiencing difficult economic conditions by providing them with necessary aid, and encourages investors to establish joint ventures.

The Kingdom has had access to all needy countries and achieved many successes in dealing with the humanitarian and development situations. Its name has become associated with charitable and relief work. It has provided millions of people with humanitarian, relief and charitable aid, as part of its humanitarian and relief mission.

It has harnessed its official charitable institutions to develop partnerships with relief organizations and bodies, according to the Islamic religion's principles of tolerance, familiarity and support to the weak without paying attention to their religion or doctrine.

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