Uprising against oppression

The people’s uprising in most major Iranian cities is a natural outcome of the years of oppression, injustice, deteriorating economic conditions, flagrant interference in other countries’ affairs and squandering of billions of dollars on extremism at the expense of the helpless Iranians. An Iranian citizen has to either be submissive to the regime or face imprisonment and torture.
The Iranian regime has failed to dedicate its resources for developing Iran or even improving the Iranians’ living conditions.  Instead, the regime has channeled much of its resources for strengthening its influence abroad, thereby wasting what rightfully belonged to the Iranian people.
For instance, what has Iran gained from interfering in Syria, Yemen and Lebanon? Nothing has been achieved for the Iranians. On the contrary, thousands of people have been killed, permanently disabled, or injured as a result of the senseless wars waged by the Iranian regime. Even the international community has classified Iran as an outlawed country in view of its unreasonable policies that undermine international peace, security and stability.
As for the Iranian officials’ statements about foreign powers being behind the protests, they are surely illogical, being attempts to distract attention away from the real causes of the public anger. It is evident that continuous oppression and endless injustice against Iranian citizens are behind the ongoing revolt.
The situation in Iran is no longer the same as it was before the latest uprising. Iranians are simply fed up with regime’s practices.

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