Hodeidah - Riyadh
Houthi Militias hold families fleeing the fighting in Hodeidah

Some people from Houthi Militias have been killed and others wounded during tense confrontations with the Yemeni giant's brigade forces in the Directorate of Tahita south of the province of Hodeidah. According to field military sources, giant's brigade forces faced a Houthi infiltration attempt that was followed with tense clashes between both sides in the vicinity of the city of Tahita. More Houthi people, recruited by force were captured.
The city of Zabid, close to Tahita is currently witnessing massive population displacement with the approach of the Houthi Militias for fear of tense fighting in the city where the Houthis spread in the residential neighborhoods and historic sites. They also carried military equipment and launched missiles towards the city.
In addition, Houthi Militias placed artillery and snipers in strategic positions in Bab El-Nakhil the western gate of the city of Zabid. They also spread in many other historical places dating back to hundreds of years.
Houthis deployed landmines in anticipation of any advance of Yemeni giant's brigade forces towards Zabid. The criminal militias held scores of Yemenis coming back to the city of Hodeidah after few weeks-long departures to the countryside of Taiz.  According to local sources, the Houthis held ten buses transporting passengers from Taiz to Hodeidah, carrying more than 100 passengers and their families. Those displaced were returning to the countryside of Taiz. During return, the Houthi Militias captured them in the point of Al-Garahi and kept women and children in the buses till the second day. They accused passengers of being fighters from Taiz coming to Hodeidah. The fate of the detainees remains unknown. The stranded displaced Yemenis were coming back home after the cease fire on the outskirts of the city of Hodeidah.
On the other hand, Yemeni activists circulated a picture of Dr. Munir Mohammed al-Mashraqi full of marks of horrendous torture after he was set free from the detention camps of the Houthi militias in Dhamar province. The marks of torture on his face and whole body were caused by inflammable device (accelerants)
Local and human rights sources revealed that al-Mashraqi was found on the road yesterday in the city of Dhamar after he was thrown by the Houthi Militias that held him in a secret detention camp where he underwent various types of torture till he lost his mind.
The sources added that al-Mashraqi, working as pharmacist, was kidnapped by the Houthi Militias from a street in Dhamar, a year ago due to his opposition to Houthis’ criminal acts.
Human rights reports have unveiled serious violations and horrendous war crimes practiced by al-Houthi militias including torture a matter which led to the death of dozens of detainees from the effects of torture.

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