Riyadh Daily
Iran’s economic woes

Economics is at the heart of every political move, as can be seen from US President Donald President Trump’s priorities when he deals with other countries. He seeks to build strong relations with countries that serve US economic interests first.
Iran also understands the language of economics. It is already using money power to consolidate its influence in four Arab capital cities at the expense of national development and citizens’ welfare.
The region will never live in peace unless the snake’s head is cut off, not through all-out war, but through economic strangulation. In fact, economic woes have already set in for Tehran. JXTG Holdings, the largest Japanese oil refiner that buys 5% of Iranian oil, has announced that it would tap other Middle Eastern producers for its crude oil requirements. Airbus and Boeing are also set to end their relations with Iran. 
However, the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal in not expected to deter the mullah regime. It will pursue its ambitions even if it may be detrimental to the wellbeing of Iranian citizens.

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