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EXLANTIX Unveils EXLANTIX ET, a Visionary Electric SUV, at Geneva Motor Show 2023

At the prestigious Geneva Motor Show 2023, EXLANTIX unveiled its highly anticipated EXLANTIX ET, making its Middle Eastern debut. This momentous occasion marks the introduction of the EXLANTIX series to the Middle East. The EXLANTIX ET is a premium medium-to-large-sized electric SUV, representing the pinnacle of the brand's high-end series. Earlier this year, EXLANTIX garnered significant attention with its global launch at the Shanghai Auto Show. The EXLANTIX ET, built on the cutting-edge E0X high-performance platform, is poised to captivate markets worldwide from 2024 onwards.

In terms of design philosophy, the EXLANTIX ET embraces a strikingly minimalist approach. Breaking away from the conventional grille design, the front end boasts through-type daytime running lights and distinctive split headlights with integrated fog lights. This design showcases a futuristic and tech-heavy visual, prominently featuring the EXEED brand logo at the forefront.

Impressive in size, the EXLANTIX ET measures nearly 5 meters in length with a substantial 3-meter wheelbase, delivering a spacious and luxurious interior. Particularly noteworthy is the remarkably larger rear door, adding to the vehicle's distinctive profile. Concealed door handles and oversized wheels further enhance its visual appeal.

The entire design of the EXLANTIX ET is meticulously focused on maximizing interior space and providing a sense of openness. The rear of the vehicle offers ample room and exhibits a harmonious, rounded design. The rear showcases through-type taillights with a distinctive, unique shape. The expansive rear window affords exceptional visibility, accompanied by a generous expanse of white space, resulting in a design that is both understated and elegant.

The interior of the EXLANTIX ET follows the same minimalist design ethos. It features an elegant color scheme, real wood accents, and the use of genuine aluminum materials, giving off a welcoming ambiance. Many physical buttons have been seamlessly integrated into electronic screens, including the suspended instrument panel and central control screen. The steering wheel boasts a distinctive shape, complemented by roller control buttons and gold accents, adding a sense of technological sophistication and luxury. The passenger seat incorporates comfort features such as leg rests, and the rear air-conditioning outlets offer individual control displays. Both front and rear seats are electronically adjustable, ensuring maximum comfort for all passengers.

The EXLANTIX ET incorporates six health-oriented technologies, including fresh air circulation, antibacterial and mildew-resistant materials, careful selection of healthy materials, electromagnetic cleanliness, noise insulation, and smart health monitoring. These measures are designed to prioritize the well-being of all occupants.

In the realm of noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) control, the EXLANTIX ET boasts an array of NVH acoustic package technologies. These include a three-layer door seal, 6mm double-laminated silent glass for all four doors, soundproof laminated glass for the front windshield, and noise-reducing tires equipped with silent cotton.

With its captivating minimalist aesthetic, innovative features, and unwavering attention to detail, the EXLANTIX ET presents a compelling vision of the future of electric SUVs and is set to enter the market in 2024.

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