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Space Investment, Moon first

USA & Russia

On April 6, 2020, US President Donald Trump signed a decree under which allow Americans to extract space resources, and also to review agreements with other countries on the use, development, and extraction of resources on the moon and space within six months. Also, creating a new space agency named "The American Space Force" affiliated with the US Air.

In Moscow, Trump's decision sparked criticism expresses it by Deputy Director-General of ROSCOSMOS "Russian's Corporation for Space Activities” Sergey Savelyev, that he said: "Attempts to forcibly seize outer space do not serve the path of fruitful cooperation between countries."

Also, the director of the Institute of Space Policy (Russian) Ivan Moiseev said: "The truth is that there is a need for 150 billion dollars for the Moon Exploration Program." Which shows that there are investment studies, plan, and a budgeted that have been done in this field by Russia.

In 2018,  on the Russian-Arab channel in  "A Journey in Memory" program named "The Greatest Mystery", the Russian scientist Arik Delmov, the scientific director of the Biochemistry Institute, stated that it is possible to make large and profitable investments on the moon.

Also, mentioned that the most important of which is mining such as Titanium smelting, which is not present on Earth and present on the moon, and it is also possible to produce Helium 3, which is considered one of the alternative energy resources.


On January 21, 2019, Ariane Group and Ariane Space announced the signing of a contract to study and prepare for the mission of exploring the rock debris on the moon for a year with the European Space Agency, [ Includes 22 European countries in addition to Canada].

China & India

The Chinese Space Science and Technology Agency "CASC" announced in early 2020 that its plan for this year will include the completion of the famous "Beidou" navigation satellite, launching several trips to Mars, launching a spacecraft that reaches the moon and returns with samples of moon's soil, in addition to launching Three new spacecraft for its space program.

In Indian, the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, in his speech for Independence Day, pledging that as India celebrates the 75th anniversary of its independence in 2022, the Indian spacecraft "Gaganyaan" will carry with human astronauts on board.

Sivan, President (ISRO: Indian Space Research Organization) said that this program will be fully developed by local technology, which will create 15,000 additional jobs over the next few years.

Moreover, on July 22, 2019, ISRO launched its second lunar mission, "Chandrayaan 2", to study the geology of the moon and the distribution of water on the moon.


In the year 2018, the Saudi Space Authority was established, which is a Saudi body and this body is concerned with everything related to space activity.

Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul-Aziz (the first Arab astronaut) was assigned as the first president for it, and one of the 

main assignments of this agency are to lay down the requirements for developing and implementing infrastructure for the space sector, earth stationsو Satellites , spacecraft, and what related to space science and exploration.

The United Arab Emirates officially entered the global race to explore space, and the first probe was sent to Mars, called the "Probe of Hope" and it is planned to reach Mars by 2021.

Furthermore, The UAE has also approved the "National Plan to Promote Space Investment »That will contribute to the transformation of the UAE into a regional and international center for space industries.

NASA & Hollywood

Recently, NASA's director Jim Bridenstine said: "NASA and the American actor Tom Cruise have discussed filming a movie on the International Space Station." Whereas per NASA plans to open the International Space Station for wider for commercial use, this includes space tourism and scientific research for new drugs and materials that need zero-gravity conditions, and together with that, Axiom Space was chosen to build a commercial unit with an interior design that will be attached to the International Station and also the utilize of its SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft of Axiom in Space tourism.


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