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Victorious Start

The modernization of the development shift of the State's entire institutions is a real important indicator bearing positive signs. 

This is because movement and spirit motivated by high ambitions in each institution and ministry reflect the reform approach that seeks perfection and improvement of performance and its efficiency without superiority or obstinacy which make us stand still in our places and achieve no progress or development that would contribute to the victorious start of our country which has committed itself not to depend on previous successes and not to position itself at any achievement that we have already achieved. 

The ambitious vision adopted by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and led by His Highness the Crown Prince comes out of ardor, heyday and intellectual breadth, a matter that makes it satisfied only with giving and glory.

The Ministry of Media is one of the bodies of a sensitive and important nature. Thus, it has not been exempted from the locomotive of modernization by developing it to match the size of challenges experienced by the region, but the whole world, especially as both Arab and Western media are now experiencing their worst stages. 

There is clear evasion of all values and there is miring in lying, falsehood, manipulation of consciousness and minds and rotating in the orbit of gross propaganda and fabrications that are not consistent with any professional or moral conscience, after minds and consciences have become hostage to corruption and fraud; offset by media weakness, failure and fatigue that receives attacks and torrential flow of lies and exaggerations and depreciation of the Arab mind insultingly.

Because the media is experiencing a major crisis in which it has lost its credibility and impact and has turned into a fertile ground for the dirty political game by the worst media that does not hesitate to widen gaps among countries, spread divisions and intrigues and drive wedges without consideration of the principles and conventions of the free and impartial media.

With the rising criticisms of the performance of the media in general in our Arab world, there has become a dire need to control it and reposition it in its proper place. 

This doubles expectations and hope that new Minister, Turki Al-Shabanah would help the media out of its slip and provide the performance that is aspired by all hearts and minds, especially as challenges are becoming more urgent and serious.

The aim is not to criticize any of the State's bodies as much as it is aimed to correct the course and adjust the destination according to the proper standards and in a manner befitting the ambition of the leadership of the homeland which has spared no effort and support for a victorious start that parallels our history and our religious, human and civilizational heritage.

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