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Public Prosecution: An expatriate is convicted of a money laundering crime for attempting to smuggle 297,000 US dollars via King Abdulaziz International Airport outside Kingdom

An official source of the Public Prosecution has stated that the Economic Crimes Prosecution's investigations have concluded into the accusation of an expatriate of African nationality of commencement of transferring (297,000) US dollars, in addition to (5000) Saudi riyals via King Abdulaziz International Airport outside the Kingdom.
The investigation procedures indicated that the accused attempted to transfer the money by hiding it inside cartons dedicated to dates, which were found in his bag. The investigation procedures also revealed that the seized amounts were resulted from practices in violation of a number of regulations. A general criminal case was filed against the offender before the competent court on charges of money laundering by attempting to smuggle cash outside the Kingdom, and a preliminary ruling was issued against him that included his conviction for what was attributed to him, the confiscation of the seized amounts, his imprisonment for two years, and his deportation from the country after serving his sentence. The Public Prosecution Office submitted an objection to appeal the verdict, calling for a stiffer penalty for the offender.
The Public Prosecution stressed earlier the protection of the economy and the domestic product, and it will present anyone who seeks to harm the financial system and the national economy to the competent court to demand severe penalties in this regard, noting through its accounts on social media periodically the need to disclose financial values and cash amounts that exceed 60,000 riyals in case of leaving the Kingdom or passing through any of its ports.

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