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Cyber Vigilance a Prerequisite to Moving to the Cloud

Cybersecurity experts have advised both the public and private sectors as well as the nonprofit sector to fortify their cybersecurity plans and cyber vigilance capabilities before moving their services to the cloud. This will help understand, predict and face cyberattacks, thereby reducing the cost of expected losses to the facilities and mitigating any negative impact on their brand.

This pushed the National Cybersecurity Agency last October to issue Cloud Cybersecurity Controls document, after having studied several standards, frameworks and cybersecurity controls by local and international bodies, and reviewing the best practices and relevant international experiences in the field of cybersecurity.

The document aims to enhance the reliability of cloud computing services by providing secure services that help withstand various cyberthreats and support the continuity of services and businesses, in a way that enhances the security of the national cyberspace, defining the security requirements for cloud computing services and working to achieve them to meet the security needs.

VirtuPort, a leading provider of cybersecurity advisory services in the MENA region, will host the 9th edition of the MENAISC2021 on May 25 and 26, 2021 under the theme “Cybersecurity Vigilance …Continuous Monitoring & Mitigation. Understanding the Impact in a 5G Era.” Around 40 global experts will participate in the event. Register in the conference through: https://register.menaisc.com

The upcoming conference will discuss a number of topics related to the event, including: 5G networks, cybersecurity frameworks, artificial intelligence, analytics, cloud security and virtualization, data security and privacy strategy, satellites and communications, human skills for cybersecurity, advanced hackers and threats, and others. Other subjects that will be spotlighted are: Cyber espionage, the rising incidences of healthcare data breaches, email as an entry point for data theft, increasing vulnerabilities and high-risk malware, cybersecurity intelligence, and others.

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