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The Joint Forces Command of the Coalition: Saudi Royal Air Forces Intercept a Ballistic Missile Launched by the Houthi Militias Towards Jazan

The Official Spokesman of the Coalition "Coalition to Restore Legitimacy
in Yemen" Col. Turki Al Malki stated that at (20:09) today, the Air
Defense Forces of the Coalition monitored the launch of a ballistic
missile launched by the terrorist Iran-backed Houthi Militias from
inside the Yemeni territories (from Saada Province) towards the
Kingdom's territories.

Col Turki Al Malki explained that the missile was heading towards
the city of Jazan and was deliberately launched to target civilian and
populated areas. The Saudi Royal Air Defense Forces were able to
intercept and destroy it, thanks to Allah the Almighty. This resulted in
shattered fragments of the missile over residential districts without
causing any injuries, thanks to God the Almighty.

Col. Al-Turki added "this hostile act by the Iran-backed Houthi
militias proves the continuing involvement of the Iranian regime in
supporting the Houthi militias equipped with qualitative capabilities in
a flagrant and explicit violation of the two UN resolutions No. 2216
and 2231 aiming to threaten the security of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
as well as the regional and international security and that launching
ballistic missiles towards densely populated cities and villages is
considered contradictory to the humanitarian international law".

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