By: Dr. Talal Al-Harbi
Riyadh Security is a Red Line

Our capital city, Riyadh, has recently witnessed some unorganized crimes by some outlaws. Such mean behaviors are strange to our society that comes under shock when such crimes happen from now and then.
To be frank, there is no city in the world free from organized or individual crimes, so Riyadh city is not an exception. However, what makes us feel that the situation is under control is the speed by the authorities in enforcing the law and apprehended these criminals.
These criminals think that they can get away with their misdeeds but they forget that there is no complete crime and that they will ultimately end in jail.
Although those criminals know that the punishment is very severe in accordance with Islamic justice, they do not listen to reason and attempt to disturb our society's peace and security.
When our courts sentence these criminals in fair trials they in fact protect our society from evil and send a message to others to think twice before attempting to commit any crime.
What is assuring is that the rate of crime is on the decline in the Saudi Capital, thanks to the Governor of Riyadh Region Prince Faisal bin Bandar and his Deputy Prince Muhammad bin Abdulrahman bin Abdulaziz with the great efforts of vigilant police force headed by General Fahd bin Zaid Al-Mutairi and his Deputy General Sa'ad ben Abdulrahman Al-Majyool.
It is necessary to work hard if we want to achieve goals of "Vision 2030" for strengthening the national security so that everybody living in this country feel secure and safe in his home, place of work and in the streets, so, everybody must know that the security of Riyadh, as well as other cities and the whole of Saudi Arabia, is a red line can never be compromised.

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