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Strength.. Stability.. Development

State-to-state relations are subject to the importance of common interests and to the convergence of views on various issues. There may be consensus and there may also be difference, but this does not upset good relations as it is natural. 

Yet, what make these relations remain and continue and documented is the strength of foundation. This is what goes with the Saudi-US relations which started after the meeting of the Founder, King Abdulaziz with US President Franklin Roosevelt abroad the cruiser USS Quincy on February 14th, 1945.

That historic meeting laid the foundations of relations between the two countries until they reached the current strength, durability and mutual respect, a matter which made relationships last and develop up to what they are now with strength, stability and development.

The basic elements of the Saudi-US relations have remained constant over the past seventy-five years in which relations have witnessed steady and diversified growth that made them distinguished relations reflecting all their positives on the region and the world. 

Thanks to its political, economic and religious weight, the Kingdom is the key to security and stability in the region. 

It is the equalizing force in the regional and international issues, and its roles are indispensable and this is something that the United States and the countries of the world are well aware of. 

Hence, the Riyadh-Washington relations are so close. The US is involved in the affairs of the region, as one of the most important regions of the world wherein the US has interests in, and the Kingdom plays a stabilizing role in the region. 

That's why their relations are close and developed to serve their mutual interests, and to ensure the security, stability and prosperity of the region.

Relations between Riyadh and Washington are likely to be more developed, which serves the interests of the two countries, the region and the world. After seventy-five years of inception, it is certain that these relations are crucial to security and political and economic stability in the world.

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