This smart pillow can make life easier for senior citizens living under lockdown

The current lockdown, which is preventing many people from visiting elderly family members, has led to growing interest in a smart pillow devised by a French startup, which is specially designed to help senior citizens communicate with their loved ones.

Christened Viktor, the pillow works like a kind of simplified remote control, which enables elderly people, who are often isolated and not necessarily gifted with computers, to easily communicate with family and friends via an interface displayed on their TVs.

The Viktor pack comprises an internet box, a webcam and a pillow that links to a TV via Bluetooth, which functions as a remote control. The pillow has several simple controls that allow users, for example, to take part in a video conference with family, listen to the radio and music, exchange pictures with their nearest and dearest, and access dedicated cultural programs.

The winner of a gold medal in 2017 French inventors' competition, the Concours Lépine 2017, Viktor is not new. However, it has never been as useful as it is now for the many senior citizens and retirement home residents who have been forced to forgo contact with the outside world.

Viktor was developed by Nice-based start-up Fingertips, in collaboration with medical experts and Orange's digital accessibility division. The basic pillow package retails for €249. A 4G version is also available priced at €299.

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