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No observer and follower of the international political affairs can go through the events of the G20 Summit held in Osaka, without noting the diplomatic superiority, the statesmanship and the strong presence and influence of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

The trait of this excellence and uniqueness occurred under extremely complex regional conditions, ramifications and challenges as well. Perhaps the overwhelming presence of Crown Prince, His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman, gives an accurate indication of this value, effectiveness and importance. 

The warm welcome that accompanied His Highness's moves, as well as being a natural result of the remarkable charisma and political and intellectual brilliance, also indicate that the Kingdom is stepping forward towards the future with confidence and power; which is a well-established leap consolidating our country's great value - over years – of sincere work and international cooperation in various issues and advocacy of justice in every spot of the world regardless of any religious, racial or sectarian differences. Humankind is the target of these support and advocacy which are clear of any political purpose or ideological approach.

On the other hand, we see Iran insisting on continuing its arrogance, intransigence and violation of all charters and neighboring rights by practicing all forms of abuse and aggression against the neighboring countries, especially the Kingdom, as we have witnessed acts targeting the Kingdom's security and borders as well as the peaceful people. It has not refrained from this disgraceful behavior, even though it claims its desire for dialogue and tries to promote its slogans advocating peace and dialogue with the other and that it seeks no harm to any country.

Iran is still experiencing an abnormal situation. Perhaps this goes in line with the view of His Highness the Crown Prince, who has wisely diagnosed the Iranian situation that it is a state that does not want to live in a normal state, a matter that is evident to anyone. 

This was declared before by a senior Pentagon official who was following up the news of the Revolutionary Guards at the time as he said: "I was amazed at what Iran is doing across the region and their activities across the Gaza Strip, Syria and Lebanon, where Hezbollah has become an active partner." It is also known to any observer that Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas and others are holding onto political revolutions, a matter which is supported by their leader Ali Khamenei, pointing, according to his claim, that the uprisings are another step forward in the Islamic tide that has dominated the Middle East since the Iranian Revolution in 1979. On the occasion of the new Persian year in March 2011, Khamenei told his supporters: "Popular moves in the region indicate a fundamental change in the Arab and Islamic countries ."

However, the Kingdom is proceeding with the same confident steps and welcoming the world at the upcoming 2020 Summit to confirm that the real bet on development, change and leadership of the world's economies is far from swaggering and false slogans.

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