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Qatar's reality

Qatar's latest practices which have foiled the mediation efforts exerted by the Emir of Kuwait prove that Doha has failed in managing the crisis. The glimpse of hope held by Sheikh Sabah and President Trump has vanished as a result of Qatari decision-makers'impetuousness. Predictions and questions are therefore raised asking who such decision-makers are.   

With the bewildered stances and contradictory messages made by Doha, it is impossible to deal with Qatar as a sovereignty country or a political regime observing international laws or relations amongst countries, especially if such countries are of similar sociocultural characteristics. Therefore, Qatar's confused political behavior must be changed as a prerequisite for solving this crisis.  

All countries of the world, not only the Anti-terror Quartet, are fed up with Qatar government's political practices. The Qatari government is aware that the world is zero-tolerant when it comes to terrorism, financing of terrorists and harboring of wanted persons.  It is also aware that the world will never accept spreading hatred and extremism and meddling into other countries' affairs. The foregoing constitutes the rationale for the Quartet's 13 demands submitted to the Emir of Kuwait.

It is unbelievable that Qatar's response to such unified stances is made by wise leaders of a country claiming that it is exercising its sovereignty rights. No logical responses are made by the Qatari side. This only proves that Qatar's regime is not desirous to solve the crisis. The regime claims to be a victim via paid publicity campaigns aimed at finding a way out of the isolation imposed by Qatar government's shameful practices towards countries and peoples believing that Qatar is part of a joint Arab and Islamic action for further cooperation and integration.

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