Riyadh - SPA
Saudi Customs: Self-Correction of Custom Data to Conclude on September 30, 2020

The Saudi Customs has announced that the initiative of self-correction
of the custom data will conclude after 15 days on 30, September, 2020.

The authority affirms that the extension of the initiative gives the
opportunity for importers to submit requests for correction,
particularly those who were unable to apply for self-correction within
the specified period due to the precautionary measures to confront the
novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The Saudi Customs discloses that a condition of inability to apply
for self-correction, if an audit notice is issued on the facility, was
cancelled yesterday, affirming that a facility can submit a request of
self-correction without this condition.

The authority asserts that if a facility doesn't initiate to correct
data and commits violations, it will be subject to penalties due to the
nature of a violation.

The Saudi Customs seeks to enhance confidence and participation with the business sector and investors.

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