Lombok, Indonesia - MWL
Muslim World League launches an emergency relief campaign in Indonesia to help victims of Lombok earthquake

According to the directives of the Secretary General of the Muslim World League, Sheikh Dr. Muhammad bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa, the International Organization for Relief, Welfare and Development (IORWD) dispatched a field team to Lombok Island in Indonesia to assess the needs of those affected by the devastating earthquake that struck the island recently, causing many material and human losses.
Dr. Al-Issa stressed that the urgent response of the Muslim World League to humanitarian events depends on the speed of the field presence in the site of disasters and crises. That is always accomplished by Muslim World League as recognized by many countries and organizations for its primacy of presence, direct attendance and organized work to achieve its humanitarian duty towards those who are in need and in fulfillment of its global mission and vision to help everyone without discrimination.
The Designated Secretary General of IORWD, Dr. Abdulaziz Sarhan, said that the field team started to assess the needs of the affected people as soon as they arrived to Lombok, while other teams of IORWD works via their departments to provide the necessary assistance and support to those people according to a plan of priorities.
Dr. Sarhan added that the international reports indicated that the massive earthquake caused many deaths, about 1300 injuries and displaced 400 people from their homes. The material losses reach USD 342 million so far and the rescue teams still working to lift the trapped people under rubble. He added that this sudden disaster caused a devastating impact on buildings and properties, which made the affected residents resort to tents or huts near their destroyed homes or in temporary shelters while the wounded are being cared for in field hospitals, noting that the roads cut by the earthquake are the biggest obstacles to the delivery of aid.
Dr. Sarhan pointed out the MWL is keen that its urgent care and humanitarian short or long term projects are implemented quickly and accurately to serve those who are in need where ever they were around the world and alleviate their suffering with attention to vulnerable groups such as women and children.

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