Dr. Ahlam Al Qahtani (Princess Noura University)

Translated by:  Nadia Khawandanah 

Umm Al Qura University

Oh, you Green, fluttered me my longing, 

Drained me my longing, 

A restless wanderer is my heart, 

A voyager of unfathomable seas. 

Our bond isn’t mere yearning, 

Nor, a lyric it is, 

Our tie truly is,

A long compassionate memoir.

Who’d leave in Sirius a stranded soul? 

Who’d reap my dream? 

Who’d be kind to my sorrow? 

Who’d play the tune of dawn, 

Greeting the rainy cloud, 

Slumbering on my palm trees? 

Glorious is your radiance, 

A cherished daylight, 

The first, your status forever is, 

In good, or bad days. 

Had I the chance to choose a homeland, 

Had I the chance to choose era and time,

You’re my map, 

You’re my eternity. 

Be the cuddling bosom, 

Be the shoulder to rely on, 

Be my eyes, 

Be my home.

Mad in love, you thought I was?

So much in love? 

In deep love?  


Passionately I love you, 

My homeland.

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