By: Lama Al-Dosari
Pursuing Passions

At some point in one's life, one must have heard "pursue your passion". However, how one might find their passion, if they do not know what they are passionate about?
The word 'passion' has many interpretations. Though, mainly it can be interpreted as a strong emotion that could be directed towards someone or something. When a passion is directed towards something like an activity it could be the motive that drive's a person to succeed in life.      
Passion can be a skill-based activity that one enjoys and attains. It is something that helps in developing a skill or a set of skills over time like drawing or writing. To have a passion is to create. Meaning, Passion is the emotion that motivates a person to create, and to produce something that one can be proud of. For instance, a painting is the product of someone's passion. A passion, however, cannot be watching movies or playing video games because they do not help develop any skills, nor do they allow to express one's creative self. A person can be passionate about watching movies and playing video games, which means they deeply love these activities. However, no special skills are required to achieve these activities, hence them not being skill-based.
For one to find their passion they must fully engage themselves in skill-based activities. They must clear their mind of all distractions like self-doubt, comparing themselves to others, and most importantly fear of failing. They must not be afraid of failing. As failing is inevitable and essential for one to succeed. Failing is also pivotal because, one comes to learn from their mistakes, and thus not repeating them in the future.  In addition, one must not be afraid of trying new passions and letting go of them if they do not work for them. For instance, if one fully engages themselves in a passion such as photography, and they found out they do not enjoy it they must let go of it and start searching for a new passion. As passions are supposed to be an outlet to express one's self and their creativity.
Making a list that includes all skill-based activities that are enjoyed, and activities that the person is interested in but never tried is an important step in finding one's passion. When one begins to fully engage themselves in these activities they start to find their passions.    
Passion is important to have in one's life because to have passion Is to love something. Thus, to fight for it and to persevere. As one can have more than one passion, and these passions can change over time, to "pursue your passion" does not mean to take one's passion as a career. It is simply adequate to have a passion as a diversion, or a distraction to take one's mind off life's troubles.

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