Prince Turki bin Talal

By: Prince Turki bin Talal - Governor of Aseer Region Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
“Hold Your Heads Up High,” a message to our invisible heroes

Earlier this month, as coronavirus infections surged in our Kingdom, employees, citizens and residents were heeding the call to stay home to limit the transmission. But invisible heroes are in the frontlines, scrubbing down surfaces, cleaning our streets and placing their health at risk while they work day and night to serve the community.  

Though they might be standing merely a few feet away from us, they reside thousands of miles away from their families, working hard and effortlessly all for the sake of providing for their families. They are our street sweepers and our cleaners, these are our invisible heroes, who perform their diligent duties by keeping our streets clean, removing harm from our neighborhoods all the while doing it alone.  

The Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is an adaptation of trust and truthfulness, for he was called As-Sadiq Al-Ameen due to his noteworthy noble qualities. He lived amongst his people, the people of Makkah, for forty years, before he was sent as a prophet, and they never heard him lie or be treacherous. He endured their abuse, their hostility, their rejection of the truth and his message after he received the message from the Almighty, and endured it all and yet, they still entrusted him with their money and precious goods, for they have never found someone more honest and loyal than the Prophet (PBUH).  

Honesty and integrity, once pledged by society, improves its vitality, leads to an authentic life, develops consistency and competence, and elevates and strengthens a community. Two traits that cannot be adopted unless we lead by example, follow the true leaders who know their values and the rules they will abide by and the values they are committed to uphold with every segment of our society, including the weakest.  

It’s our social responsibility, rooted in our Arab traits of generosity and preserving dignity, to thank the nearly invisible heroes for their honest day’s work and for protecting our community. Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) once said in his Hadith, “You gain no victory or livelihood except through (the blessings and invocations of) the poor amongst you”.  

For our cleaners, their honor and integrity in the manner of which they perform their jobs are deserving of our respect, our thankfulness and our gratitude.  

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