Arar, Saudi Arabia - SPA
Ministry of Islamic Affairs Receives 1st Batch of Pilgrims via Jadidah-Arar Port

The Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call, and Guidance, represented by its branch in the northern border region, received the first batch of pilgrims coming from Iraq through the Jadidah-Arar port in the Northern border region en route to the holy places.
The ministry’s branch in the region assigned several preachers and translators to respond to the religious inquiries of pilgrims, and a set of pamphlets and booklets were distributed to the pilgrims guiding and teaching them about the provisions of the rituals with ease and reassurance, according to the Prophet’s guidance, and in different languages, in addition to the distribution of copies of the Holy Quran printed by the King’s Complex Fahd.
The ministry also provided digital desktop screens containing scientific materials that pilgrims can download through their mobile phones explaining the Hajj rituals, and all the instructions needed by the pilgrim from the beginning of the Hajj journey until the end of the rituals.
The Iraqi pilgrims arriving at the port praised the Kingdom’s efforts and tireless work to serve and facilitate the Hajj journey for all the pilgrims.

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