Riyadh Daily
Kingdom Great Pride

The atypical presence of His Highness the Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman at the G-20 Summit held in Buenos Aires has undoubtedly accentuated the Kingdom's status among the world's countries and at the largest-ever global economic assembly comprising the world's most powerful countries in terms of economy and growth. The Crown Prince's presence has shut all wagging tongues that attempted to question the Kingdom's rank and strong presence in the regional and international arena and renewed their knowledge that our country does not pay attention to minor things and do not engage itself in polemics.
Whoever knows well about our country, realizes well that we have an Islamic and international Arab standing that no one can ever challenge or even try to do. Our country possesses all components of a modern state. We uphold to the past, work for the present and look forward to the future. We harness our potential not only for our development and prosperity, but our hands are stretched to all around the globe. This comes as part of achieving the Islamic and Arab principles and ideals which are reflected through our dealings with the other, with our interests certainly in mind. The Kingdom's policy is known for its balance, prudence and foresight, not handling events superficially or emotionally but rationally and carefully.
The Kingdom has featured prominently at the G20 summit, receiving attention in a manner that is usual to us. It confirms the core roles played by the Kingdom politically and economically, regarded by the world a key factor for stabilizing the region and the world as a whole, in addition to the Kingdom's explicit, serious and wise position.
Our country, by God's grace, is firmly on the road, turning a blind eye to all minor things which are not part of our agenda. We have a myriad of important tasks and tremendous commitments towards the country, the region and the world as well, and we are competent to make them a reality that is the source of our country's pride.

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