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Community Awareness

With every crisis or issue, this fact is renewed, that the Kingdom is always in the crosshairs of rumors, whether from its regional opponents, some ill-motivated international entities, or some hired global media.

The recent Corona crisis is one of those crises that are an active and fertile environment for the flare-up of this war of rumors, and fed with dozens of false information every day. Certainly, this form of information warfare in the first place is a distinctive feature of the digital age in which means of communication play a dual role is represented in: the speed of the communication of knowledge and the speed of the spread of the rumor. 

Yet, the global position of the Kingdom requires its citizens and its administrative body to be aware of facing and confronting this type of wars.

Despite the ferocity of the conflict between the known and the unknown, the facts and rumors, citizens have a special burden to confront rumors themselves, by choosing reliable sources while reading and watching breaking news materials. For the information to come from an authentic source and is published by the official news agency, is better than thousands of random shares on the unofficial pages and accounts on social media. The initiative must come from the Saudi interior from followers and interested persons to stop the circulation of rumors, and contradictory information of unknown sources. Awareness is the first step to distinguish right from wrong, and then it eases panic during hard times and in the face of emergency crises, whether related to the Kingdom or globally such as dealing with the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

In addition to the role of citizens, the burden falls on the concerned authorities and ministries. If we consider that the rumor is a weapon that can hit the image of the Kingdom, and cause social confusion, the counter and deterrent weapon to the rumor is only the provision of the correct information from reliable sources all around the clock, especially in times of crises like this one.

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