Riyadh Daily
The importance of arts

Arts constitute an important economic resource. They increase public awareness and boost popular consciousness as long as they are not ideologized. They convey the full spectrum of human experience and purify thoughts and values.
All civilizations, including Islamic, have been involved with arts and liberal creativity. Societies were in harmony with arts. They recognized the role of arts in refining feelings, enriching human values, and promoting tolerance.
There are several international cultural activities taking place in our country. New agreements in various artistic and cultural fields are overseen by the Crown Prince, the inspirer of change in the country, and witnessed by the Culture and Information Minister. They clearly indicate that the Kingdom is on the right track, offering a promising future for our next generations via new cultural projects.
There were several activities in Paris as well that point out to the fact that this is an interesting phase in the Kingdom’s history, fully aligned with Saudi Vision 2030.

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