Francis Fukuyama

Prof. Fahad M. Al-Otaibi
Breaking into the Capitol and the end of the "end of history"

In 1989, the American politician Francis Fukuyama wrote an article entitled "The End of History" published in the International Journal of National Interest, and three years later (1992) the ideas in this article were detailed in his book The End of History and the Last Man. This book herald Western liberalism, which Fukuyama believes will be the final stage of humankind's social and cultural development and the pinnacle of human government.  

These theses coincided with the fall of the Soviet Union and the failure of communism, which meant the victory of liberal democracy and capitalism. There are no longer competitors to these ideologies, and as a result security and freedom have been achieved. 

Accordingly, history and the major events that have shaped it are over. Despite the popularity of this book at the time, and largely in the West, there are many political events that prove fukuyama's inaccuracy. 

Perhaps the most important of these events is the storming of the Capitol by a group of young Americans supporting President Donald Trump last Wednesday, which resulted in the death of some security personnel, protesters, and the destruction of some of the building's belongings. 

Most importantly, the symbolism of this building is shattered in the American collective mind. The importance of this event here is that it constitutes a lack of conviction of Western democracy, and even the revolution against it, by part of its people.  If this happens in the most powerful Western democracy and liberty, the United States of America, what about the rest of the world? Yes, Western democracy will not collapse, and it will not be extinct, but it has received a strong slap that will continue to be present for decades to come. 

The values and beliefs that were previously taken for granted have been challenged. It is very disturbing to see the blockade on the height of democracy in the United States. Democracy will win but they can be attacked and they are at risk. 

It will not be easy for the United States of America to get over what happened and the division of the American people over American liberalism and democracy will be long gone. 

Thus, it will be difficult for the Americans to convince others that their liberalism and democracy are the last forms of government development, and the last stages of the history movement. 

This is another earthquake in addition to some of the previous earthquakes that hit the base of Fukuyama's thesis.  

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