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Correcting Mullahs' Behavior

For forty years now, the Iranian regime has been a major threat to its regional and international environment, perpetrating hundreds of terrorist crimes against countries all around the world, including the destruction of facilities, the assassination of politicians and diplomats, the financing of armed militias in more than a spot of the world, tampering with the security of the Gulf region and the world, and many other crimes that have not yet been disclosed.

This regime appears not to care about the reaction of the international community, believing that it goes inculpable and unpunished, a matter which prompted it to go further with its capital offense against the world on September 14th when it launched twenty-five cruise missiles and a number of drones towards Saudi Aramco's oil facilities, busting the global energy supply and leading then to the rise in oil prices by about 15%. This crime is a change in the mechanism of the Iranian crimes, and indicates that the mullahs regime will go on with its criminal behavior and will even create more schemes and programs to harm the world.

The biography of the mullahs' regime and its long history of spreading terrorism and intimidation of the world were at the center of the speech delivered by Saudi Arabia's Minister for Foreign  Affairs, Ibrahim Al-Assaf, at the 74th session of the UN General Assembly. The Minister was clearer in his speech to the international community, confirming that Iran's aggressive and terrorist behavior should be corrected, and Iran should be taken back to its senses by a firm, resolute and serious stand to deter this regime, and confront its practices threatening security and stability in the region and the world. That message was a clear signal that the world has always been silent in the face of the Iranian threat, this silence is no longer acceptable, and all countries should act against Iran, otherwise they will suffer from disastrous consequences.

Al-Assaf's speech also carried an important message, first to Iran and then to the world, that the Kingdom, which has long suffered the from Iranian terrorism, will not remain silent anymore, and that it is able to defend its sanctities, resources, citizens and residents, with firm determination. Al-Assaf's speech also indicated that the attack on the Kingdom's oil facilities will not go unpunished, and that the Kingdom will determine the right punishment on the right time.

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