Riyadh Daily
Threat to Arab security

The most important topic before the Arab Summit in Dhahran remains the Palestinian situation, which has only been deteriorating, particularly after developments related to the holy city of Al-Quds. There is also the case of Iran which has been fragrantly meddling in the internal affairs of Arab countries. Yemen and Syria are obvious examples of such interventions that pose a direct threat to Arab security.
It is important that the Arabs adopt a firm stance against Iran. They must place this menace, and ways to confront it, at the top of their security priorities.
Iran is an eternal threat to the region, as can be seen by its attempts to undermine the security and stability of Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Bahrain. It insists on exporting terrorism to Arab countries, clearly indicating that there is no will on its part to coexist with its neighbors. This makes any reconciliation efforts with the regime in Tehran a futile exercise.
The Arab Summit must put together a workable formula to mitigate the dangers posed by Iran’s hostile policies. Moreover, all security-related issues must be dealt with internally and not involve vested interests that only seek to fish in troubled waters. Seeking help from foreign elements can only undermine the position of Arab citizens.
Despite the deteriorating security situation in many Arab countries, there is still hope that they are capable of facing the prevailing challenges to achieve their ambitions for the welfare of their peoples.

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