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Tourism Media Role

The Kingdom's excellence at various levels is not coincidental, but the result of conscious planning and belief in the ability to implement optimally. 

This is evident in both qualitative and quantitative progress in the number of projects implemented and the results have been remarkable and beyond description. Despite our Kingdom's tourism potential, we have not invested them in the optimal manner. 

Yet, after the adoption of tourism as a sector, it can have an economic and social role, and certainly a media role as we are facing a new phase and the world should know closely about our country, and the tourist should roam it all around to recognize our history, our culture and the charming nature of our country and also see our present that we are proud of. 

The tourism sector is an important sector. It represents a remarkable figure in the economies of several countries that compete to attract tourists and try to increase their numbers to as many as possible by providing all the facilities and capabilities that attract them. 

Being at the beginning of a gigantic project, we should compete especially since we have the full ability to attract large numbers of tourists who love to discover and see new sites with huge potential like ours.

We are naturally a hospitable people. So, if tourists come as guests, we should deal with them in the way that reflects the real image of our country, and change the stereotype that some mass media tried to attach to us. 

It is a great opportunity that we must make the best use of it to make the picture clearer and information more credible so the whole world countries know

That we are a civilized country who's present and future are an extension of its history.

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