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Qatari Deadlock

The crisis between the boycotting countries and Qatar is likely to continue as long as Qatar persists in its intransigence and attempts to circumvent the legitimate demands, which if they receive response, the crisis will be over and things will be back to normal. 

Yet, it seems that Qatar is trying to jump to the margins without reaching the heart of the issue, and this exactly what happened in all the negotiations that were led by the Kingdom on behalf of the boycotting countries. 

The Qatari negotiator is not serious about reaching substantial outcomes, trying to make any gains without a real intention to end the crisis by discussing the factors that led to it, particularly the Qatari policy that threatens the national Gulf and Arab security.

The Kingdom, when negotiating with Qatar on behalf of the boycotting countries, was completely determined to reach consensual solutions leading uproot the crisis, not to negotiate for negotiations and to prolong the crisis as the Qatari negotiator did. 

The Kingdom was serious about resolving the crisis in the context of its permanent pursuit of the Gulf and Arab reunification. This matter was far from the Qatari intentions that were not sincere enough to agree on solutions. 

Rather, the Qatari intention was to negotiate for negotiation. There was no serious determination to solution, but only circumvention again and again leading to nothing. This is something that the Kingdom and the boycott countries do not accept. 

Thus, negotiations did not take long and will not take place again as long as the Qatari intransigence remains indifferent to the results of its floundering policies, and its failure to respond to the legitimate demands of the boycotting countries, which ultimately are in the interest of Qatar.

Any future negotiation with Qatar will be meaningless, if not built on clear foundations that lead to realistic results that end the crisis. It may worsen matters as long as the Qatari position remains unchanged.

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